இ.இ.சி.பி சிகிச்சை செயல்முறை விளக்கம் | EECP Treatment Procedure Explained | Dr.S.Ramasamy Explains

இ.இ.சி.பி சிகிச்சை செயல்முறை விளக்கம் | EECP Treatment Procedure Explained | Dr.S.Ramasamy Explains about EECP Treatment. For more details call : 9003070065 / 9003070064 Visit us at :

Advantages of EECP Treatment over Bypass Surgery and Angioplasty.

"AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY ; EECP TREATMENT FOR 35 DAYS KEEPS YOUR HEART DISEASE AWAY." All the treatment strategies for coronary artery disease, whether it is invasive or non-invasive, bypass or angioplasty or EECP or it is medical management, these strategies basic is to improve the blood flow to heart muscles across the blocked arteries. So if you want to increase the blood supply across the blocked arteries in a simple way, EECP is the only solution. EECP is a non-invasive treatment. It does not involve any invasive procedure and does not involve any injection. It is highly cost-effective. When compared with existing modalities of treatment like PTCA and CABG. It costs 1/4th of the cost of bypass surgery and angioplasty. But it can provide the same relief in symptoms and the same improvement in quality of life. What a CABG and PTCA can offer. Since EECP is non-invasive it does not involve any injury or complications or adverse effects when compared to PTCA and

Can Vaso-Meditech EECP Treatment improve my cholesterol levels?

The common risk factor in patients with cardiovascular diseases is hyperlipidemia or high cholesterol level, so when these patients undergo EECP treatment, we have shown the cholesterol level is also positively affected by the treatment. There are two types of cholesterol one is bad cholesterol; another one is good cholesterol. To reduce the bad cholesterol, certain drugs like statin can be used, and to increase the good cholesterol, vigorous exercise is required. So during the EECP, we have shown that EECP can decrease your bad cholesterol and also shown to improve your good cholesterol. So when you are taking EECP for cardiac treatment, it will affect all your cardiac risk factors positively, especially your cholesterol level by decreasing your bad cholesterol and increasing your good cholesterol. EECP can protect your vascular function and prevent future cardiovascular incidences. For more Information : Take Second Opinion :

We Are Expanding !

We are excited to announce the opening of our new additional EECP Treatment Center in Neelankarai. This step comes as a part of our continuous effort to expand our reach and make our services widely available to accommodate our patient's needs. Our new clinic is a state-of-the-art technology consisting of a nine-room EECP treatment facility, making it is the largest EECP treatment center in India that can provide EECP treatment for more than a hundred patients in a day. It is a 4000 sq-ft EECP treatment center with ample car parking space and convenient amenities for your benefit. We are committed to providing the best EECP treatment to patients who require heart treatment without surgery. The official opening of our New EECP Treatment Clinic will take place on Friday, June 03, 2022. We welcome your presence. Our Additional EECP Center Address : Plot 357, Second Floor, ECR Road, Sri Kapaleeswarar Nagar, Neelankarai, Chennai - 6000115. Mobile : 9003070065, 9003070064 Website : www.h

Can I do Vaso-Meditech EECP Treatment after Stent or Bypass Surgery?

In a patient with multivessel blockage, more than 2 blockages in multiple vessels, this patient would have been advocated for bypass surgery. Eventually maybe in 2 or 3 years or even after 5 years, the graft that the patient had might close. This is called graft occlusion. This is one of the common conditions which occurs because these grafts are not placed for a lifelong but it has a life. Sometimes after certain years, this graft can be closed. Once these grafts are closed then the patients going for the next bypass surgery or even stenting would be considered as high risk, since already one high-risk procedure has been attempted. For these patients, EECP would be the only safe option, which should be very effective to improve the blood supply to the heart muscle. Hence EECP can be effectively done to improve the patient blood flow. EECP treatment is designed for these types of patients, who have already undergone a stent or even a bypass procedure. When this stenting and bypass pr

How can Vaso Meditech EECP treatment cure my heart block?

Many times the patient approaches the physician saying they have a block in their vessels, and can they be cured of these blocks? There is no actual cure for this blockage in the coronary vessels but the reality is all the treatment that is offered to the patient whether it is a medical management or bypass surgery or angioplasty, or a new procedure called EECP (Enhanced External Counterpulsation) is done to improve the blood supply beyond the blocked artery. So heart blockage itself is not at all cured (or removed), but the blockage was made irrelevant because all these techniques can improve the flow across the blockage or obstruction. In this, all methods enhanced external counterpulsation is a non-invasive approach. Here the patients are not exposed to any of the risks and then get the benefit of the treatment. All the cardiac patient's main concern is they would have already undergone an angiogram procedure from there; they would know that they have blocks in the coronary ves

What is Vaso Meditech EECP Treatment?

Heart disease, mainly coronary artery disease is a significant concern not only in India but across the globe. Once the patient is diagnosed to have blockages in the coronary vessels, then the worst fear is when you asked to undergo Bypass surgery or Angioplasty, both are invasive and high-risk cardiac procedures. Now there is a new treatment called Vaso-Meditech Enhanced External Counterpulsation ( EECP ). It is another method to improve the blood supply to the heart muscle without the patient undergoing an angioplasty or bypass surgery. The expansion for EECP is Enhanced External Counterpulsation. Enhanced means it is an advanced version, External means it is completely outside the body, it was not an invasive procedure, surgical procedure, or needing any injection. Counter means it counters the heart function, when the heart tries to pump the blood outside, the cuffs which are placed outside in the leg deflates. So that it can able to receive the blood from the heart. When the hear