Tuesday, 13 April 2021

 EECP Improves Kidney Function.


EECP improves kidney blood flow and helps improving kidney filtration. It also reduces

harmful hormones, which increases blood pressure and damage the kidney.

The two Kidneys in your body act like a garbage disposal system. All the waste

products from the bodys metabolism are filtered through the kidneys and excreted in

the urine. They play a significant role in eliminating excess fluid, controlling electrolytes

balance, and blood pressure.

We are now more dependent on our kidneys than before. It may be due to the intake of

medications for our illness and various supplements. All these added so-called

essentials have to be excreted through our kidneys. The most common cause of Kidney

failure is long term diabetes and hypertension. When these two conditions are poorly

managed; eventually, they result in affecting your kidneys, causing failure.

You can initiate early preventive steps to minimize or eliminate your chance of ending

up in kidney failure.

Kidney Failure Preventive Steps.

The steps you need to follow are :

 1.Keeping you active with regular exercise.

 2.Eat a healthy diet.

 3.Weight reduction if obese or overweight.

 4.Control blood pressure & diabetes.

 5.Quit smoking.

 6.Hydrate yourself adequately ( Water intake ).

 7.Finally, very important to avoid taking unnecessary drugs, especially pain killers.

EECP Improved Kidney Filtration.

EECP treatment can improve blood flow to the kidneys up to 21%. This increase in

blood flow can help kidney to filter your waste product in your blood more efficiently. In

one Indian study, even in patients with advanced heart and kidney disease, EECP has

shown to improve the glomerular filtration rate (GFR), a measure to assess kidney

working improved up to 20%.

Some of the harmful hormones like endothelial and renin, which cause vasoconstriction

of your blood vessels and increase your blood pressure reduce by 75-80% during a

course of EECP treatment. EECP also is shown to increase your urine put and helps to

eliminate excess sodium and chloride. All these effects could encourage EECP as a

preventive and wellness treatment to prevent kidney failure and enhance kidney

function when the damage is very minimal.

In Diabetic and hypertension patients, where protein leakage in your urine is considered

as an early sign of kidney disease, preventive EECP treatment will have significant

benefits in preventing kidney failure.

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

COVID Paradox: Delusional claims of COIVD-19 clinical variations.


COVID Paradox: Delusional claims of COIVD-19 clinical variations. 

Dr.S.Ramasamy. www.healurheart.com tel:+919003070065

We are now facing a unique situation with many doctors spending time and seeing more COVID cases. It leads to a unique condition of every symptom patients present is inadvertently being related to COVID-19. An article titled " Young Patients turning up with clinical, radiological changes" appears on Hindu best explains this paradox. There seems to be an obsession to declare everything as COVID-19 related hastily.  

One doctor has voiced his concern that lung involvement has suddenly changed to a different picture of multiple nodular patterns. Then he added CT scan also show variation. In this case, logically, they should suspect tuberculosis, possibly due to using steroids inadvertently, or suspect carcinoma or other pneumonia rather than thinking only of COVID. Even in these patients, if the test turns to be COVID-19 positive; still, don't they think tuberculosis patients and cancer patients cannot develop COVID-19? It's a simple case of coincidental COVID infection present in tuberculosis, bacterial pneumonia, or cancer patients. Jumping to the conclusion COVID-19 is the cause for this is too premature.  

The next expert presented a new picture of COVID-19 presenting as Vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. Again it's to be pointed out very clearly COVID is the flu. Anyway, millions of patients with another disease also would have been infected, and most will be asymptomatic for COVID-19 symptoms. Physicians should diagnose them for simple bacterial diarrhea and food poisoning.  

At least the above two claims can be argued since these patients are COVID-19 positive, and what if really COVID is causing different lung presentation and gastric symptoms even though it's unlikely. One expert then claimed the extreme; he suggested patient serum was COVID negative and the lung picture also not that of a typical COVID-19. Still, since the patient's condition worsens, he wants his diagnosis as COVID-19 categorically. Clinical medicine cannot become more absurd than this. Just figure this out from a different perspective. You are working in an endemic malarial region. So it's logical many will be having Malaria. If the Patient blood tests are negative for Malaria, and clinical presentation is also not of Malaria. Will you still treat him for Malaria? Even Malaria is endemic in this region; these patients may also have other diseases, don't you think so?  

Another expert did the final nail in clinical medicine. He pointed out that many patients' first manifestation of COVID-19 was a heart attack and stroke. Heart attack and stroke or the manifestation of cardiovascular disease. If he sees a heart attack patient, please evaluate his coronary vessel blockage. If the patient had a stroke, please measure his blood pressure. The difference between pre-existing disease-causing expected clinical presentation should not be confused with the presence of COVID-19 in these patients. COVID-19 is an incidental finding in these patients who has another disease.  

Doctors should stop blaming everything on COVID to accelerate and support the vaccine business. The vaccine is a must for needy high-risk patients. Vaccine acceptance should be done through informed consent, not through spreading wrong information that every disease is due to COVID-19. Even though COVID-19 is a dreaded disease, no fear-mongering should be allowed to panic the public. Physicians should take a higher role to present proper education and only should present facts.